Nikolina Vukojević Maglica
Nikolina Vukojević-Maglica, General Manager

Nikolina Vukojević-Maglica is a legal representative and general manager of the company. She is responsible for the overall business administration, formal agreements with clients, expanding activities to new markets, company’s structure and employment, and she actively participates in all operations

After she graduated from the Law School in Frankfurt, Nikolina started her career in the field of human resources in Deutsche Bank. For several years she worked as a consultant in various companies established in Germany that offer consulting services in relation to business restructuring as well as legal counselling.

Upon her relocation to Zagreb in 2005, she continued working as a consultant and subsequently as a representative of German and Austrian companies dealing with business operations, human resources development, investing into development projects and organizational restructuring. In the last couple of years she worked as an executive in international companies, the core business of which was Executive Search and Recruitment.

Based on her international experience, the focus of her work is connecting international companies and investments with Croatian and regional markets. In addition to conventional business networking, Nikolina places special emphasis on the harmonization of all cultural elements of business cooperation.

As a part of her professional training and growth, she attended transactional analysis training in Germany and coaching course in Croatia. In addition to her native languages, German and Croatian, Nikolina also speaks fluently English.