About us

REVIVISCO d.o.o., established in Zagreb, Republic of Croatia, was founded in 2009 as a company offering business consulting and other related services. Over the years, the company has expanded its network of business contacts and external associates and nowadays exercises business cooperation in almost every European country as well as a significant number of countries worldwide.

Activities, such as provision of services in the field of Executive Search/Headhunting, Streamline Search/Search&Selection, Human Resources Consulting & Audit, Human Resources Development but also Business Consulting services in terms of bringing together great ideas with potential investors or manufacturers of particular goods with potential purchasers, represent only some of the services offered by Revivisco either as a single service or as a part of a comprehensive package of services comprised of elements of your choice.

Business sectors in which we exercise continuous cooperation with reputable clients are pharmaceutical industry and health care, information technologies and telecommunications, construction industry and real estate, automotive industry, tourism, banking, food processing, fashion and apparel, state administration bodies and public agencies, but also other industries, based on the market demand.